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Downstreet Holidays – Reduced Classes

Please be sure to check our facebook page or calendar as we are reducing our classes over the Christmas holidays. All the best and see you in the new year!    

Notice regarding expired multi-hour passes

NOTICE If you have purchased a pass with DownStreet Dance Studio, please note the expiry date of your pass. As is posted in writing in the studio and also noted on our website (, a 5-hour pass expires 45 days, a 10-hour pass expires 90...

Argentine Tango comes to DownStreet!

At long last, DownStreet Dance Studio is offering ARGENTINE TANGO CLASSES! Please follow the link below to the signup form, and help us anticipate class size. This beginner block starts Monday, October 29th and runs for four weeks. No need to BYOP (bring your own...


It’s a 1940s dance party in Charlottetown, with live swing music! Let’s wind the clock back 80 or 90 years… you’re at a Harlem rent party, or a Chicago speakeasy… whether you’re a jazz hound, modern day dandy, hepcat or swing kid, it’s time to get your jam on. Don’t...

West Coast Swing or Lindy Hop… How about both?

We've had a lot of people ask which dance to learn and we say why not both?! Open up your musical options and spend more time on the dance floor! These two show how versatile you can be. Max Pitruzzella & Jessica Cox 1st Place, Invitational Jack & Jill...

Chinese Traditional Dance Classes Starting This Sunday!

Winnie Liang will be teaching DownStreet's first Chinese Traditional Dance Class this Sunday, February 4th, from 3:00-4:00pm. Come learn a piece of culture, either your own or perhaps your neighbor's! Everyone is welcome! Multi hour passes may be used for these...

Schedule Changes for February!

We've switched it up a bit for February! Not everyone can make it on the same day for a given class. Switching things around gives others a chance to try out that class they've been wanting to join, and gives everyone the opportunity to try something new on the days...

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Frequently Asked Question

What do I wear to class?
If not specified in the class description, make sure you can move comfortably. You’ll need to be able to take large steps so short, tight skirts are not recommended! Suede soled shoes are the ideal, leather soles are second best, but a flat or low heeled dress shoe that stays on securely will work. You don’t want something that grips the floor like a sneaker because it can be hard on your knees and ankles when you turn, and you don’t want something so slick that you slip and fall.
Are these classes appropriate for someone who has never (ever) danced before?
Absolutely! Any of our beginner classes are designed for both absolute beginners and those new to a particular dance, as well as for those with more experience who wish to review and improve their basics.
Am I required to bring a partner?
No! Students will pair up, switch partners, and rotate through the class. This not only allows individual dancers to participate, it also speeds up everyone’s learning process, prevents you from picking up a single partner’s bad habits (or passing on your own!) and encourages people to get to know their fellow students. This is social dancing, after all!
Are there class etiquette rules?
Let common sense and courtesy prevail here. Please leave outside shoes outside the studio to keep the floor surface ready for dancing, and wipe up any spills promptly to protect peoples’ shoes. Dress presentably and respectfully. You’ll be dancing in close proximity to various partners so deodorant and breath mints are much appreciated. While social dancing involves being, well, social, talking with your partner in class makes it incredibly difficult for the teacher(s) to communicate the information that you’ve paid to learn. Arrive at the studio 5-10 minutes before class so everyone can start together and time isn’t wasted going over material that was already taught. Just common sense and courtesy!

For a deeper exploration of the etiquette of social dance parties, the University of Texas in Dallas wrote an excellent description in 1996 which still applies.

Where are you?
Here’s a visual to help you find our building! We’re on the second floor:

The World is a Dance Floor

DownStreet Dance Charlottetown offers a wide range of instructional dance opportunities, including everything from West Coast Swing to Zumba. Drop in for a class when it works for you. Check out our schedule or learn more about different dance styles!

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