We’ve switched it up a bit for February! Not everyone can make it on the same day for a given class. Switching things around gives others a chance to try out that class they’ve been wanting to join, and gives everyone the opportunity to try something new on the days they have free. Remember that our multi-hour passes are valid for any classes we offer! AND students now get 10% off our drop-in rate and our 5, 10, and 20 hour passes! (A shameless hint, gift certificates from DownStreet make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts 😉)

Is Monday your dance day? Try the Salsa classes with Dawn Ward (Feb 1st & 5th) and Nadine Salami (Feb 12th-)! How about Tuesday? Join the growing community of West Coast Swing and Hustle dancers in Laura and Rod Weatherbie’s classes, and check out the Student Practice Parties beginning this month! Wednesdays will remain as they were, with Anna Keenan and Robert Van Waarden Hammond’s awesome Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Blues. On Thursdays beginning Feb 12th, trade January’s ab workout from Salsa class’ hip rolls for core strengthening Belly Dance and fabulously fun Burlesque classes. Social Dances are continuing weekly on Friday nights, with the mini-lesson changing weekly! To reassure those who have been asking, Saturday afternoons you can still get your ballroom fix and up your elegance factor, with Susan and Rejean Lessard’s Latin and Standard lessons. Sundays we welcome Winnie Liang who will be teaching Chinese Traditional Folk Dance classes from 3-4, following the Open Floor Time!  Let’s Dance! – February is going to be AWESOME!!